How to Earn $200 - $1000 monthly Selling Simple Online Services to Foreign Clients Even If You Don't Have Any Digital Skill

McDonald Ekwubiri | September 10, 2022 | 5 mins read

The best time to earn in dollars is now

It’s no longer news that the value of naira has fallen

The price of things in the market has risen and continues to rise daily

Despite all these economic issues, no workable solution seems to be in sight

The only solution is – Earn in dollars!

That way you won’t need to bother about the rising exchange rate

Or increase in the prices of commodities in the market

If you would like to earn a consistent and reliable side income in dollars

One that doesn’t require you to:

  • Be a university graduate
  • Learn how to code or do any hard stuff
  • Bring 2 people that will bring another 2 people
  • Trade crypto, stocks or forex (that are most times unpredictable)
  • Market or sell any products
  • Or give your money to anyone to invest for you

This is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read…

Here is why:

Hey my name is McDonald Ekwubiri

Back in 2017, I was dead broke and frustrated

I had withdrawn from the university because I couldn’t pay the outstanding tuition fees I owed

Plus, I had multiple carryovers

Also… I couldn’t even pay my house rent

Feeding was a serious problem because there was no money anywhere

No one wanted to have anything to do with me including some of my close relatives

Things became so tough that I had to move in to a friend’s apartment

Because I couldn’t afford to pay my rent again

And as you might guess,

At this point, I wasn’t looking for a get rich quick scheme…

All I wanted was to be able to make just enough money to…

  • Go back to school and complete my undergraduate studies
  • Move out of my friend’s house to a new apartment
  • Live life on my own terms
  • And start something reliable that could pay my bills (one that wouldn’t be affected by whatever happens in the country again)

Because trust me,

I had already lost faith in this nation


This made me start looking for legit options to earn in dollars (and save enough money to japa)

Unfortunately, most options I saw would require me to learn a new tech skill…

Which I couldn’t at the time – because I wasn’t tech inclined neither did I even have any interest in tech

Also, training fees for these tech skills were very high (above $200 at the time) and I couldn’t even afford it even if I had interest in learning a tech skill

Many other options I saw to earn in dollars were just making promises I knew weren’t real

Then one day, I remembered a friend who was living large working online gigs

He had been talking to me about starting a side online business back then in school but I wasn’t paying attention

Now sapa had forced me to realize my mistake the hard way

God been so kind, he had given me his account login details for one of his online gig platform just in case I changed my mind

At this moment of discovery, I quickly signed into his account

I began pitching clients he had worked with in the past

By a stroke of chance, I stumbled upon one of his clients who offered me a $100 simple job to deliver in 2 weeks

I delivered this job and the client paid me the $100 we agreed

This was the first dollar I ever made online right here from Nigeria

After that job, I got another offer from a client who paid me $1500 for a simple project that took me a month to execute

From 2017 till now, I have been earning consistently in dollars…

Without having to worry about what’s happing in the country

Or what poor economic decisions are been made

And truth be told,

Sometimes I secretly wish the naira should just keep dropping

As I’d have more purchasing power when I convert my dollars to naira

Anyway, I’m not here to brag but to show you that earning in dollars right here in Nigeria is possible

And as you may have noticed,

I’m someone who shares a new opportunity once I find one…

What I have done is to create a FREE step-by-step video training that shows you how to earn at least $200 - $1000 simply by selling online services to international clients.

This online business model DOESN’T require you to:

  • Learn how to code
  • Trade crypto, stocks or forex
  • Learn a tech skill that takes time to master
  • Give money to anyone to invest for you
  • Bring 2 people that will bring another 2 people
  • Sell any product for anybody

There is no need for an office

All you need is:

  • A laptop or Smart phone
  • Stable internet connection
  • Self-confidence and following simple instructions

A word of caution…

  • This is not 72IG
  • This is not Network Marketing
  • Neither is it Clickbank

And hell NO!

  • It’s not Affiliate Marketing

Yes you hear me right – It is none of them

This is an untapped online money making business that most Nigerians are yet to discover

All you will be doing is selling basic online services to small business owners and companies who will pay you in dollars

You don’t even need any special education or skill for this

So, if you would like to learn how to EARN IN DOLLARS:

  • Without any special education
  • Earning as much as $15 to $30 per hour
  • Travelling and working from anywhere in the world
  • Working at your spare time or even only on weekends
  • Making as much money as many 9-5 salary earners work all month to earn!
  • Enjoying a “recession proof” income!

This FREE step-by-step video training will open your eyes to a new way of earning a sustainable income in dollars just by selling simple online services to international clients

This Video Training Will Show You:

  • How this online business model works
  • The kind of services you will be selling to international clients
  • How and where to find foreign clients that will pay as much a $500/month for a single service just like the one below

Of course, this online business isn't for everyone.

But if you really want to take this serious, I would recommend that you watch my FREE video training

Click the button below to access the FREE video training.

One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple instructions that I give in the video above

This business is actually an improved form of trading.

And trading (also known as buying and selling) is the most guaranteed form of business on earth

What you are doing here is - You are selling your skills to international clients who are willing to buy it for top dollars

And you are doing it without having to sit down in any office from 9am to 5pm working your back off for peanuts

You are going to be paid in dollars for your services just like this....

All you need is:

  • Your smart phone or laptop
  • Internet connection      
  • Desire to learn and implement simple strategies I will show you in the video
Watch the FREE video training to get started

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