My name is McDonald Ekwubiri and in this blueprint, you'll learn;

✅What remote work is all about
✅How to earn in Dollars working remotely for international companies
✅The services you can deliver remotely with little to zero experience
✅How and where to apply for this remote work opportunities
✅and so much more...

This is a step-by-step blueprint that shows a new way of earning a reliable income in dollars working remotely for international companies

This blueprint is for;

✅9 - 5ers looking for an additional source of income
✅Working Professionals who intend to transition to a career in Tech as Virtual Assistants
✅Individuals planning to relocate to Europe, Canada, Australia, US and UK
✅Working professionals who seek to stay in Nigeria and Earn in USD working remotely for companies in Europe, Canada, Australia, US, Germany and UK as Virtual Assistants
✅Working Professionals who need the Knowledge of Social Media Management and the use of CRM tools to perform optimally in their present roles.
✅Graphic designers, IT Professionals, Web Developers, Social Media Managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Product owners/managers, Copywriters, Content Creators, etc
✅Uni graduates and youth corpers

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What is required:

  • A smartphone or laptop (anything that connects to the internet)
  • Internet connection      
  • Determination to learn and earn in USD

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