The Secret Code to Growing an Online Business Fast From Scratch

​Toyin Omotoso | July 3, 2018 | 5 mins read

​I used to dream of becoming a doctor.

But JAMB messed me up for 4 years

So, I finally decided to settle for Botany.

Everything went well in my 1st year. High grades and all.

By the second year, an incident happened that changed my life

I traveled to Lagos with a friend and we stayed with his Uncle.

His Uncle is a Medical doctor who has been working for 10 years.

How will Botany help me make a lot of money after school?

I did a research about the average monthly income of graduates and I was floored.

I checked out most of the Botany graduates I knew of.

Most were lecturers.

Some were secondary school teachers.

And some were just doing a "get by" job

A "get by" job is the type of job you do just to survive

I didn't want to be any of that.

So, I started researching.

One day, I stumbled on a small book that contained stories of people under 30 who became millionaires doing business online

This was back in 2015 and as at then, Nigerians believed that anything that had to do with business online = yahoo

Well, I read the book and it opened me to an entirely new information.

Almost coincidentally, about 3 weeks later, someone put up a free seminar in my school about making money online.

I rushed there to attend.

That was the first time I learnt about creating little online businesses from almost nothing.

The next seminar I attended after that cost N5000 which I had to borrow.

At the end of the seminar, I didn't gain much but I got a CD full of various ebooks.

So, I started reading those ebooks on my friends's desktop computer because I didn't have one.

Those books led me to start trying various ways to make money online.

And I was doing all from the cybercafe.

I would finish lectures and rush off to the cybercafe to work on my various online business projects.

The problem was - they were not making me money.

I had even collected my younger brother's school fees to try out my so-called online businesses.

By the time I was in 400 level, I was in a lot of debt.

I was really frustrated.

I wanted something that will really work.

So, one day, I decided to buy a $97 course from a US pastor who also runs an online business.

His name is Jimmy D. Brown.

I went through the $97 course word by word.

At the end, I used what I learnt to setup a little online business.

Also from the cybercafe.

This business cost me a total capital of N3000.

But this time, it actually made money.

It made an average of N4000 consistently for 12 months.

I was over-excited.

You might think that wasn't a lot of money.

But I was excited because it gave me a proven system.

After that, I used this same system to create another online business that brought in N200,000 a month

This was at a time when most of my mates were still looking for jobs.

And I started moving up from there.

In 2014, I did about N12m in sales.

That is about N1m a month just from the online business blueprint I learnt from that US pastor.

The really good thing about this online business blueprint is the low capital you need to start with and the high results you can get very fast.

For instance, in Dec. 2017, I created a new online business with just N43,000 and it made about N3.8m by end of January 2018.

That is within 60 days.

Do you know of any other business that can do the same?

I guess not.

This same blueprint was what I used to start another online business that made N700k in 5 days when I wanted to travel to Brazil for the 2014 world cup.

Ever since I told this story at a recent seminar, many people have been asking me to show them how this online blueprint works.

So I have created a step by step video training that explains how to setup an online business using this blueprint.

And the training is FREE:

Click here to get the training =>

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