Now is the best time to earn in USD for those who live in Nigeria

How to Earn in Dollars Working Remotely for International Companies with Just a Smartphone or Laptop

Over $1000 earned

All that is required: 

  1. A smartphone or Laptop
  2. Stable internet connection
  3. Little Capital (Less than 50k)
  4. Strong desire to learn and earn in dollars

Here's what Uche has to say about the VADP program


My name is McDonald Ekwubiri

I would love to introduce you to an opportunity that changed my life.

I went from literally having 0 naira in my pocket to earning 7 figures monthly doing remote jobs for businesses in the US.

I would like to teach you the exact strategy that I used to earn over $20,000 in service fees.

All I need is my smartphone or laptop with a data connection.

Also, I get to work from any location of my choice and at my own time.

The good thing about this business is that anybody can succeed in it 

Anyone can do this even with:

  1. zero digital skills
  2. zero experience
  3. zero $ earned

I have prepared a video training that will teach you how to get started as a virtual assistant and earn in dollars doing remote jobs for international companies even with zero experience or digital skills

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Here are the testimonials of some students of the program

Olamide's Testimonial about the VADP Program

Favour's Testimonial about the VADP Program

$700+ Earned from 1 Client

Here are more testimonials

$1000 Earned

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